A history of infrastructure in Semitic philology.

This sub-project investigates the affordances that were essential to making and transmitting philological knowledge – with concentration on libraries, storage facilities, workspaces, and lecture halls.

Collaborator: Paul Michael Kurtz (PI)

A history of practice in Classical philology.

This sub-project scrutinizes the standardisation and routinisation of technical methods (or protocols and procedures) – with a particular focus on tables, stemma, and strata across francophone, germanophone, and anglophone scholarship.

Collaborator: Laura Loporcaro (Postdoc)

A history of media in Indo-Iranian philology.

This sub-project inquires into transformation of physical artefacts into stable, standardised ‘texts’ through processes of copying, collecting, archiving, circulating, and printing – with close attention to typefaces, squeezes, and photography in colonial India.

Collaborator: Martina Palladino (Postdoc)

A history of cooperation in Germanic and Romance philology.

This sub-project investigates how large-scale strategic alliances produced philological knowledge as a valuable, usable resource – with a focal point on the Royal Historical Commission of Belgium.

Collaborator: Christian Hoekema (Predoc)