Principal Investigator

Paul Michael Kurtz

  • Research interests: History of Science; Historiography; German Judaism; History of Religion; 19th-century Germany
  • Contribution to project: Overall coordination; Semitic philology; Knowledge-infrastructure
  • Personal Focus: Arabic in Leiden; Hebrew in Leipzig; Akkadian in London
  • More info and bibliography: UGent, H-Commons

Team members

Laura Loporcaro

  • Research interests: Latin language and literature; Rhetoric; Reception of classical antiquity
  • Contribution to project: Classical Philology; History of Practice
  • Personal Focus: Synoptic, stemmatological, and stratigraphic methods between France and Germany
  • More info and bibliography: UGent

Martina Palladino

  • Research interests: Indo-Iranian philology; Indian and Iranian languages, literatures and religious-philosophical trends.
  • Contribution to project: Indo-Iranian Philology; History of Media
  • Personal Focus: History of media in nineteenth-century Indo-Iranian philology. The case studies investigate the introduction in Europe of specific typefaces to print Indian and Iranian languages; paper squeezes to trace inscriptions and prepare corpora; and the technique of photography to capture and reproduce artefacts.
  • More info and bibliography: UGent

Christian Hoekema

  • Research interests:
  • Contribution to project: Romance Philology; Germanic Philology; History of Collaboration
  • Personal Focus: Royal Historical Commission
  • More info and bibliography: UGent

Advisory Board

Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan

  • Affiliation: King’s College, London (UK)
  • Area of expertise: media theory

Simon Goldhill

  • Affiliation: University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Area of expertise: reception history

Liv Ingeborg Lied

  • Affiliation: Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society (NO)
  • Area of expertise: ancient philology

Suzanne Marchand

  • Affiliation: Louisiana State University (US)
  • Area of expertise: European history

Céline Trautmann-Waller

  • Affiliation: New Sorbonne University, Paris 3 (FR)
  • Area of expertise: history of philology

Maarten Van Dyck

  • Affiliation: Ghent University (BE)
  • Area of expertise: philosophy of science